We had a little help…

We would like to take the opportunity to thank those that helped us to get the Kooley Cold Pad to market,  having a good idea is not enough,  you also need some good support.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the I2C team at The University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park for the excellent support we have received, as a start-up company this support has been invaluable and enabled the company to confidently get to market.


We wanted our product to outstanding with the best material possible and more important we wanted to buy British, we had to test a lot of different material until we found the right one for our product and the support we received was amazing.

Its not easy to start a new business when the competition is already so established and without the support we would have struggled to produce a high quality product so a BIG THANK YOU to all those companies that took the time to help us on our search for the best materials possible/