Approximately 10 days ago I had my right knee replaced, this was due excessive deterioration due to arthritis. As you can imagine, I was in extreme pain and eventually I had no choice other than to have a replacement knee operation. Prior to the operation I was approached by a friend and asked if I would like to test a Cold Pad and strap, that was being developed. Due to the delay in my operation, I spent a week at home and was able to try out the Cold Pad prior to the operation. The cooling effect was effective without doubt, and it allowed me to mow the grass while suppressing the usual painful swelling. After the operation in Spire in Wirral, I was encouraged to use their water-cooling wrap around. It was heavy to use due to the water tank that needed to accompany it. And due to that fact, I was resistant in using it. Plus, I was worried that the water would leak and make either the bed sheets or floor wet. While using the Water cooling wrap I felt a large weight on my leg due to the fact it was full of water. When I was given the Kooley Pad, I was given two (2) cold pads to insert into an extremely well-made strap that was comfortable and flexible. The two (2) pads were a god send, as it allowed me to always have a pad in the freezer.  I found the Kooley Pad to be light flexible and showed no signs of moisture deposits on the pad although it was extremely cold, but not a frozen block. Due to the flexibility and comfort of the Kooley Pad I relied on it 70% of the time. As I was confident that I wouldn’t wake up to find a wet sheet. I limited the use to 20-30 minutes as advised by the medical professionals. Due to the cooling, I was able to complete daily exercises without extreme pain and my recovery has advanced quicker than expected by the professionals.