So I can’t rave about this product enough! As someone who suffers with a condition called hyper lordosis , which is a significant spinal deformity causing the lower portion of the spine to curve inwards.. it’s safe to say pain relief wise I’ve tried it all.
High strength pain killers, opiods, nerve blockers, anti inflammatory tablets,creams , gels, patches , tens machines , hot and cold sprays and roll ons . I’ve done yoga , Pilates and just a quiet cry in the shower when my backs been hurting and my two toddlers just want a carry .
This product is incredible! I can wear it without anyone knowing, it doesn’t fall off or rub, it feels safe and secure and gives me all the relief nothing else could without the nausea or drowsiness. Literally no going back now , could not recommend your products more.
I’ve also recently purchased your head band for migraines , again I’ve tried all the over the counter and homeopathic recommendations short of the 1800’s tie a fish to my forehead and nothing really helps , I put it on and was flat out asleep comfortable as can be in 20 mins and after a glorious 8 hour sleep the band was still firmly in place on my head and had left no marks from being secured. Thankyou for giving me back a dose of normality I thought was long gone .