I recently underwent knee replacement surgery after having a serious accident at work. After the operation I was in a lot of pain and unable to get comfortable or sleep, I was on strong pain killers which I knew would have to be gradually reduced over the coming days ahead; which was a great worry as really painful physio exercises were crucial for my operation to be a success. I was given advice from the hospital in relation to managing pain and duly tried everything from frozen peas in a pillow case to an elaborate pumped ice water system. Everything I tried was troublesome to use; far from ideal and had minimal effect. Luckily I was given the opportunity to volunteer for a research trial of a device which was being developed to aide recovery after similar surgery to mine; the Kooley Cold Pad. I was skeptical at first but in so much pain I was prepared to try anything. Relief was instant! The ice cold gel was flexible enough to form itself round my swollen misshapen knee. The coldness was able to penetrate right into my knee through the surgical dressing giving instant relief and to have my leg safely supported so that I had the confidence to relax it; was a dream. I knew I could only apply the pad for 20 minutes but that was 20 minutes of respite that I very much needed. After the pad was removed it went straight back in the freezer and was available again a few hours later. Once I had confidence in the pad; I timed its use to coincide with my physio exercises so that I could really push myself knowing that once the pad was applied the pain quickly subsided. As for my knee; a few weeks ago I threw away my walking stick and I’m just about to start driving again. Given the state I was in a few months ago I didn’t expect to be so far along the road to recovery and I can’t thank Kooley enough for such a brilliant gift (even though I had to give it back).