I have used so many different cool packs that I had all but given up until I found these cool pads from Kooley.
Choosing two different sizes I gave them a try. I was amazed and delighted. The large kooley pad was perfect for my back pain, covering a large area of my back and the smaller pad was perfect for neck and head pain. The pads didn’t get stiff or too hard, instead remaining flexible and bendable. I noticed that they stayed cold for longer and the most amazing thing of all they didn’t make my clothes or skin damp. Other packs I used would melt and clothing would become soaked, if wasn’t nice! But with kooley pads I didn’t have that problem at all. Safe to use directly on my skin, I got the full effects of the cold pad, reducing my back pain to zero, Allowing me a Comfortable nights sleep, pain free at long last. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has had problems in the past with the same issues I have had, kooley by far is the best pad I have tried and has truly set the bar high.
Amazing services, Amazing products and Amazing qualify. Thank you.