We are only just starting but hope to be adding the reviews soon  however we did have the opportunity to complete some trials of the cold pad and would very much like to thank Dave, Ian  and David for being our testers,  below is their review of the  Kooley cold pads 

 Dave from Stretford:    May 2019

I recently underwent knee replacement surgery after having a serious accident at work.

After the operation I was in a lot of pain and unable to get comfortable or sleep, I was on strong pain killers which I knew would have to be gradually reduced over the coming days ahead; which was a great worry as really painful physio exercises were crucial for my operation to be a success.

I was given advice from the hospital in relation to managing pain and duly tried everything from frozen peas in a pillow case to an elaborate pumped ice water system. Everything I tried was troublesome to use; far from ideal and had minimal effect.

Luckily I was given the opportunity to volunteer for a research trial of a device which was being developed to aide recovery after similar surgery to mine; the Kooley Cold Pad. I was sceptical at first but in so much pain I was prepared to try anything. Relief was instant!

The ice cold gel was flexible enough to form itself round my swollen misshapen knee. The coldness was able to penetrate right into my knee through the surgical dressing giving instant relief and to have my leg safely supported so that I had the confidence to relax it; was a dream.

I knew I could only apply the pad for 20 minutes but that was 20 minutes of respite that I very much needed. After the pad was removed it went straight back in the freezer and was available again a few hours later.

Once I had confidence in the pad; I timed its use to coincide with my physio exercises so that I could really push myself knowing that once the pad was applied the pain quickly subsided.

As for my knee; a few weeks ago I threw away my walking stick and I’m just about to start driving again.

Given the state I was in a few months ago I didn’t expect to be so far along the road to recovery and I can’t thank Kooley enough for such a brilliant gift (even though I had to give it back).


Ian from Wirral:   17th of July 2017

Approximately 10 days ago I had my right knee replaced, this was due excessive deterioration due to arthritis. As you can imagine, I was in extreme pain and eventually I had no choice other than to have a replacement knee operation. Prior to the operation I was approached by a friend and asked if I would like to test a Cold Pad and strap, that was being developed.

Due to the delay in my operation, I spent a week at home and was able to try out the Cold Pad prior to the operation. The cooling effect was effective without doubt, and it allowed me to mow the grass while suppressing the usual painful swelling.

After the operation in Spire in Wirral, I was encouraged to use their water-cooling wrap around. It was heavy to use due to the water tank that needed to accompany it. And due to that fact, I was resistant in using it. Plus, I was worried that the water would leak and make either the bed sheets or floor wet. While using the Water cooling wrap I felt a large weight on my leg due to the fact it was full of water.

When I was given the Kooley Pad, I was given two (2) cold pads to insert into an extremely well-made strap that was comfortable and flexible. The two (2) pads were a god send, as it allowed me to always have a pad in the freezer.  I found the Kooley Pad to be light flexible and showed no signs of moisture deposits on the pad although it was extremely cold, but not a frozen block. Due to the flexibility and comfort of the Kooley Pad I relied on it 70% of the time. As I was confident that I wouldn’t wake up to find a wet sheet.

I limited the use to 20-30 minutes as advised by the medical professionals.

Due to the cooling, I was able to complete daily exercises without extreme pain and my recovery has advanced quicker than expected by the professionals.


 David from Bolton July 2019

I would like to thank Kooley for helping to improve my quality of life by using their cold pad and amazing support strap

I have always tried to keep fit by swimming, cycling and running, However after a cycling accident and 4 operations in the last 20 years to repair torn (meniscus) cartilage, I was diagnosed with arthritis caused by degenerative cartilage.  In late 2018 it became impossible for me to run or walk without significant pain including most nights stopping me from sleeping properly, so I went to see specialists, physio’s, had X-rays, MRIs etc. to find the problem and hopefully a solution.

The only solution was a complete knee replacement.  So I started to look for alternative ways to relieve the pain and by chance I was offered the opportunity to test the Kooley cold pad , which with physio / strengthening exercises has dramatically improved my ability to do day to day activities which were previously becoming impossible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

By using the Kooley cold pad for half an hour in the morning and again at night, I  found that over a period of 3 weeks I was experiencing less pain and able to walk much freely than before.

After 5 weeks the number of times my knee’s would flare up had decreased to less than 3 or 4 days a month. Now 6 months into using the cold pad, I can’t praise the product enough to how such a simple process has reduced the amount of pain I was previously experiencing.

The great thing about Kooley’s product is that I can put it on and still continue to function as normal with minimal restriction to the knee joint, then return the cold pad to the freezer and its ready to go again 2 or 3 hours later, even just using the knee support  strap at night has allowed me sleep pain free.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending the Kooley cold pad , the design and quality of the product is excellent, Thank you so much