Kooley Cold Strip – Large


Kooley cold strip Large, the new approach to cooling therapy.  The cold strip remains soft and pliable straight from the freezer. Kooley cold strip is a custom designed cushioned pad that  is light weight and skin friendly no matter how long it has been in the freezer, perfect for all injuries and trauma

A great way to cool down and bring pain relief  when you need it most


Kooley Cold Strip  – The new approach to cooling therapy

How did we change the common cold pad – we designed a new and better cooling therapy pad

The Kooley cold strip is a light weight, custom designed cold pad that is cushioned to allow the cold pad to wrap around the joint and the best is that the cold pad does not freeze, regardless of how long you leave the Kooley pad in the freezer it will never freeze, so it’s always ready when you need it and best of all this is reusable so just pop it back in the freezer after use and its ready to use again after two hours. All this makes the our cold pad ideal for helping to reduce swell, inflammation and bring a level of pain relief, ideal for Arthritis, Knee pain , Shoulder, Back pain, Muscular pain as well as all other bumps and bruises . Kooley cooling therapy bringing cooling relief when you need it.

New Generation in cooling therapy- please red  

Kooley cold pad is cooling therapy only, the cold pad cannot be heated

The Kooley cold pad can be place direct to skin however we do advise testing on small area of skin when you first have contact with the Kooley cold pad, if the pad feels to cold just place a cloth between skin and the cold pad or wait a few minutes before use

Kooley Cold Strip  Large  size is approximately   Length 36cm   Width  11cm

Material used for the cold Pad is  Polyurethane Nylon

Kooley Cold Pads contain no harmful chemicals however we would still advise care when using the Kooley Cold pad

We have a page on the Kooley Cold Pad materials and maintenance of the cold pad,  please take a look


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