Kooley Reusable Cooling Strip with Headband


Kooley New reusable Cooling Strip with headband, British Custom design forehead sized strips with headband are perfect for cooling therapy. a holistic approach to pain management, stress relief and general well-being.

Treatment for migraine, headaches, temperatures and fevers, reducing puffy tired eyes, relieves hot flushes, Ideal Cooling strip for adult or children

Kooley headbands are skin friendly because when you’re not feeling great you need a little comfort, with the bonus of being so lightweight you’re not restricted to staying in one position so you can carry on your normal routine without any hindrance while having the cooling therapy.


The Kooley Reusable Cold Strip with Headband

* New designed cooling compression strip remains truly pliable straight from the freezer, distributing an even level of cold therapy with the added bonus of not leaving the wet residue found with the common ice/gel pack while our headbands allows the cooling strip to be easily adjusted and secured in position to target the exact area of pain.

* Kooley Cooling Strips are reusable and can be place in the freezer or fridge depending on the temperature you require with no time restriction so it’s always ready when you need it.

Kooley cooling Strips will only distribute the cooling temperature for the Recommend NHS guidelines for 20 minutes this is to prevent any risk to skin we also recommend reading the NHS guidance of cold therapy / cold pads.

* Cooling Strip– Reusable pad contains non- toxic gel within a highly durable leak -proof material. Cold Pad is approximately Length 23cm Width 8cm

* Headband, the materials use in our headbands are skin friendly, soft Jersey Bamboo fabric with a breathable liner which holds the cold strip in place, an adjustable soft elasticated strap which uses hook and look to secure the headband in place allowing you to adjust in size for maximum effect and comfort because when you’re feeling great you need a little comfort

Kooley cold pad is cold therapy only, the cold Pad cannot be heated

We strongly advise reading the correct use and care of cold and cooling pads

Kooley Cooling therapy is a British made product, We hope you will find our cooling therapy strip with headband useful and would love your feedback.

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one cooling strip and headband, two cooling strips with one headband


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