Kooley’s New Large Reusable Cooling strips for Cooling Therapy


Kooley New Large Reusable Cooling Strip with a comfort sleeve, ideal cooling strip to deliver cooling therapy when you need it most

A custom designed cooling strip that is light weight and skin friendly no matter how long it has been in the freezer, a great cooling strip to help ease with back or shoulder pain but this clever cooling strip can be used for so much more – from hot flushes, tired legs, sore feet, sprains/ bruises and those every day aches and pains.

Kooley cold pad is always ready when you need a little the cooling therapy treatment, a holistic approach to pain management, stress relief and general well-being. This is a UK made product

Because not everyone likes direct cold we have a choice of super soft sleeves to give even more comfort, allowing you to position the cooling strip where you need the cooling treatment most, no wet residue so can be placed over clothes or direct to skin.






Kooley have designed a custom cooling strip which always remains flexible straight from the freezer distributing an even level of cooling therapy with the added bonus of not leaving the wet residue found with the common ice/gel pack. This is a cooling strip which offers a more gentle cold therapy however we also have a range cold pads available

Kooley cooling strips will only distribute the cooling temperature for the Recommend NHS guidelines for 20 minutes this is to prevent any risk to skin we also recommend reading the NHS guidance of cold therapy / cold pads.

Cooling strip size is approximately Length 36cm Width 17cm

Kooley Cooling strip – Reusable, skin friendly, contains non- toxic gel within a highly durable leak-proof polyurethane nylon material.

Material used for the cover sleeves, we offer a choice of sleeves

Grey soft mix Cotton fabric, Black and White soft Jersey Bamboo Fabric

Kooley cold pad is cold therapy only, the cold Pad cannot be heated

We strongly advise reading the correct use and care of cold and cooling pads

Kooley Cold Pads contain no harmful chemicals however we would still advise care when using the Kooley Cold pad and anyone that suffers from poor circulation should seek advise form their GP first

This is a UK made product. We are always happy to answer any question or offer advise if require, please contact us at info@kooley.co.uk

Additional information

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Sleeve colour

Grey, Black, White