Kooley Cold Strip Small


Kooley Cold Strip- Cooling therapy

Kooley Cold Compression Pad , New design in cold pads, Light weight, truly flexible and reusable. This cold strip is ideal for migraine, headaches, toothache, sprained wrist  and minor injuries  its  also very good for just cooling down


The Kooley Cold Strip is the New approach to cooling therapy,

Kooley Cold Strip is perfect for treating migraine and headaches, also an excellent size for when you need a cooling strip for sprained wrist to minor burns

The Kooley cold strip is a custom made light weight designed pad  which is cushioned to mould to the area required,  regardless how long you leave the Kooley pad in the freezer it will never freeze , always remaining soft and pliable. Ideal cold strip to wrap around the joints or giving a soothing feeling of cold when held against your forehead or eyes. We also do a cold pad with headband, having a headband means no sitting holding the cold pad to your head so please take a look

These cold pads are reusable and can be place in the freezer or fridge depending on the temperature so it’s always ready when you need it .

Kooley Cold Strip small size is approximately  Length   22cm    Depth   9cm

New Generation in cooling therapy- please read   The Kooley cold pad can be place direct to skin however we do advise testing on small area of skin when you first have contact with the Kooley cold pad, if the pad feels to cold just place a cloth between skin and the cold pad or wait a few minutes before use

Material used for the cold Pad is  Polyurethane Nylon

Kooley Cold Pads contain no harmful chemicals however we would still advise care when using the Kooley Cold pad

We have a page on the Kooley Cold Pad materials and maintenance of the cold pad, please take a look