Kooley Cold Reusable Pad Medium


Kooley Cold Pad – Medium

Kooley Cold Pad is the ideal cooling therapy for all aches and pains from Back trauma, Shoulder pain, Pulled muscles, Torn ligaments and tendons, Sprained Ankle, Knee pain to Bumps and bruises

The most effective cold pad for all injuries or when you just need a cold therapy. This cold pad is custom designed compression, reusable and light weight pad which does not freeze regardless how long its left in freezer. This is a UK made product.

Kooley have designed a cold pad which always remains flexible straight from the freezer allowing you to position the pad where you need the cold therapy treatment most. 

The Kooley cold Pad is a lightweight custom designed compression pad which moulds to the area required, regardless how long you leave the cold pad in the freezer it will never freeze, always remaining pliable giving the cold therapy treatment when you need it most.

Kooley cold pads will only distribute the cooling temperature for the Recommend NHS guidelines for 20 minutes this is to prevent any risk to skin we also recommend reading the NHS guidance of cold therapy / cold pads.

Kooley Cold Pad – Reusable pad are skin friendly, contains non- toxic gel within a highly durable leak-proof material.

Size length 26 cm Width 15 cm

Kooley cold pad is cold therapy only, the cold Pad cannot be heated

We strongly advise reading the correct use and care of cold and cooling pads

This is a UK made product and we are always happy to answer any question or offer advise if require, please contact us at info@kooley.co.uk.

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