Kooley Cold Pad Medium


Kooley Cold Pad is the ideal cooling therapy  for all aches and pains from back trauma to sprained ankle, the most effective cold pad for all  injuries or when you just need  a cooling therapy. This cold pad doesn’t freeze regardless how long its left in freezer, custom designed cushioning for comfort, is light weight and  skin friendly


Kooley cold pad has change the way we use cooling therapy, having a cold pad that comes straight from the freezer but doesn’t freeze , is light weight, can be placed direct onto the skin, is custom designed and cushioned to wrap round the joints makes this cold pad the most effective cooling therapy, idea for all aches and pains from pulled  muscles to sprained ankle there is the Kooley cold pad

This cold pad is the ideal size for all injuries and traumas from headaches, tooth ache , pulled muscles, pain to shoulder or neck, back pain, knee joint pain, sprains or torn ligaments ,plantar fasciitis pain, general aches and pain and  sometimes we just need a cold pad to cools us down.

New Generation in cooling therapy- please read  

Kooley cold pad is cooling therapy only, the cold pad cannot be heated

The Kooley cold pad can be place direct to skin however we do advise testing on small area of skin when you first have contact with the Kooley cold pad, if the pad feels to cold just place a cloth between skin and the cold pad or wait a few minutes before use

Kooley Cold Strip medium size is approximately  Length   22cm   Width  18cm

Material used for the cold Pad is  Polyurethane Nylon

Kooley Cold Pads contain no harmful chemicals however we would still advise care when using the Kooley Cold pad

We have a page on the Kooley Cold Pad materials and maintenance of the cold pad,  please take a look


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