Welcome to Kooley.co.uk

First we would like to introduce ourselves, Kooley.co.uk is a British company based in Cheshire and we are proud to say we have designed and produce the New Kooley Cooling Pads and accessories

The Kooley Cold Pad is the new approach in cooling therapy. Cold therapy is often thought of as only a treatment for serious injury, but cooling therapy is also an excellent way of bringing relief for migraine, headaches, stress and tired eyes, from pulled or strained muscles, swelling to bruises or you might need a little cooling down.

Anyone that has used the standard ice/gel pack knows it is usually a solid or a semi block when frozen. This doesn’t allow for the pack to comfortably be wrapped around the body part that has swollen and when it starts to defrost it just leaves a soggy

Why are our Kooley Cold Pad Different

In developing our Kooley Cooling Pads we have concentrated on perfecting a unique cushioned Cooling Pad with the ability of remaining in a totally pliable state, even when kept at extreme low temperatures (as low as -17°C). these are the temperatures required to help reduce swell and bring comfort when its most needed. ( the freezer setting will dictate the level of temperatures the Cooling Pad is able to reach )

Because our Kooley Cooling Pads do not freeze they are perfect to wrap around the joint and give the full benefit of cooling with the added bonus of not leaving the wet residue found with the common ice/gel pack

A further added benefit of the cushioned liquid form results in the Kooley Cooling Pad being a much lighter weight compared to the standard ice cold pack all this makes the Kooley Cooling Pad much easier to manage and more comfortable to use.

We strongly advise following the NHS guidelines when using cold therapy,

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/sports-injuries/treatment/Ice– apply an ice pack to the affected area for 15-20 minutes every two to three hours.

Please get in touch and share your reviews on the Kooley Cold Pad. We love to hear from you so please email us info@kooley.co.uk