About Us

This is how we started. I needed a cooling pad which I could use straight from the freezer. A cold pad which I could wrap around my ankle without all the mess you get with a ice gel pack. But, as anyone that has used an ice pack knows, if it’s not a solid block its semi frozen. You can’t wrap it round you ankle or other body parts. It starts to defrost, which just leaves a soggy mess. The question was why had no one made a cold pad which was very cold but not frozen, could be completely wrapped around the area and is comfortable to use. 

So we decided to make our own and that’s how Kooley Cold Pad started.

The Kooley Cold Pad is a new approach to cooling therapy. In developing the product we have concentrated on perfecting a unique cushioned cold pad with the ability of remaining in a totally pliable state, even when kept at extreme low temperatures (as low as -23°C). We worked with The University of Chester to test this and happily their report proved the cold pad reaches and retains the cold temperature for the advised 20 minutes needed to help with reducing swelling and inflammation.

Because the cold pad doesn’t freeze it has the ability to fully mould to the contour of the required areas. The added benefit of the cushioned liquid form results in the Kooley Cold Pad being a much lighter weight compared to the standard ice cooling pack. This makes the Kooley Cold Pad much easier to manage and more comfortable to use. As the cold pad doesn’t defrost there is no soggy mess and it can be placed direct to skin or clothing.

The Kooley Cold Pad does not have to be kept at extreme cold temperatures before it is used. Its operating temperature can be managed by the length of time it is cooled in a freezer or fridge allowing the cold pad to be used as a gradual cooling system.

I am please to say the outcome is I now have a great cold pad for my ankle. I would like to thank to The University of Chester, their help has been amazing.  

Please get in touch and share your reviews on the Kooley Cold Pad. We love to hear from you so please email us info@kooley.co.uk