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Why Choose Kooley Cold Therapy Compression Wrap

Reduce the risk

Colder for longer is not better, but it will increase the risk of damage to Nerves, Skin Burns and Frostbite.

However when used correctly cold therapy is a safe  holistic approach to pain management

Common side effects of Cold Therapy are numbness, tingling, redness, and irritation of the skin. These side effects are almost always temporary. Make an appointment with your doctor if they do not resolve within 24 hours.


When to use

Designed to aid a fast recovery for Sprains and torn ligaments, Inflammation / swelling, Sports injuries, Pre/Post knee and Hip surgery, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine / Headache, Fibromyalgia, Maternity and Menopause Cooling Therapy.

Cold therapy compression wraps evenly distributes the cold therapy where it is most needed

We recommend always following the NHS advise of 15 to 20 minutes maximum

What Cold therapy Does

Cold therapy is primarily used to treat localized pain and inflammation as a result of an injury or pre- and post-surgery as well as many long term health conditions

Cold Therapy causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow to injured areas, which helps reduce swelling and inflammation, acting as a fast pain reliever.

Cold therapy compression wraps evenly distributes the cold therapy where it is most needed



Choose from our range of Cold and Cooling Wraps

Cold Wraps Range

Kooley Cold Pads  Range

Cold Wraps for the Wrist

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Cold Wraps with Custom Straps

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kooley Migraine with headband

Maternity to Menopause

Cooling therapy for menopause!

Cooling Strips By Size

Cooling therapy for menopause!

Well designed and speedy delivery

I purchased the headband with cooling pad and have found it a useful addition to managing headaches. The headband is fully adjustable. I was also impressed with the quick delivery too. Many thanks

Hannah S

So I can’t rave about this product enough!

So I can’t rave about this product enough! As someone who suffers with a condition called hyper lordosis , which is a significant spinal deformity causing the lower portion of the spine to curve inwards.. it’s safe to say pain relief wise I’ve tried it all. High strength pain killers, opiods, nerve blockers, anti inflammatory tablets,creams , gels, patches , tens machines , hot and cold sprays and roll ons . I’ve done yoga , Pilates and just a quiet cry in the shower when my backs been hurting and my two toddlers just want a carry . This product is incredible! I can wear it without anyone knowing, it doesn’t fall off or rub, it feels safe and secure and gives me all the relief nothing else could without the nausea or drowsiness. Literally no going back now , could not recommend your products more. I’ve also recently purchased your head band for migraines ,… Read more “So I can’t rave about this product enough!”


Tender Achilles & Headaches

I love this product. I play tennis and run. I have been using Kooley Cold Pad to help self-manage a tender Achilles Tendon. I believe it has made a positive difference to repairing my tendon with cold therapy. The Kooley pad is much more comfortable than ice on the skin. The injured spot gets cold without the discomfort that often comes with applying ice. I feel safe as I won’t get ice-burn on my skin. It easily stays in place due to the velcro band. I pop it in the freezer ready for my next use. I have also used the Head-band Pad to successfully manage headaches.


Miracle for my headaches

I suffer from such intense headaches, but after using the kooley head band my headaches became so much more bearable after just 10 minutes and no need for painkillers. 10 out of 10.  Would  strongly recommend


Absolutely amazing

I met Kay yesterday at Caldy Rugby and listened to her demonstration of the cold treatment aid. I have a spinal fusion L4,L5 and S1 and have a lot of chronic low back pain and spams. I have used a lot of cold packs but this product is comfortably the best. It delivered all the features Kay said it would and more. Cannot recommend it highly enough. It was the right level of cold, didn’t give me any freeze marks or burn and stayed cold for the correct amount of time. Would give it 6 stars if I could.


Headband for migraines

I have used the kooley headband for over a year now for my migraines and it has given great relief. It has even stopped me needing to use pain relief. Just wearing it for 15 minutes has provided great comfort. I highly recommend trying one.



Due to numerous orthopaedic operations I am prone to joint inflammation. I have used the pads for the last year and found them to be effective in reducing the swelling and limit the need of of antiinflammation drugs.. Therefore, I could not recommend the pads and straps more highly.


allowed me sleep pain free

I would like to thank Kooley for helping to improve my quality of life by using their cold pad and amazing support strap I have always tried to keep fit by swimming, cycling and running, However after a cycling accident and 4 operations in the last 20 years to repair torn (meniscus) cartilage, I was diagnosed with arthritis caused by degenerative cartilage.  In late 2018 it became impossible for me to run or walk without significant pain including most nights stopping me from sleeping properly, so I went to see specialists, physio’s, had X-rays, MRIs etc. to find the problem and hopefully a solution. The only solution was a complete knee replacement.  So I started to look for alternative ways to relieve the pain and by chance I was offered the opportunity to test the Kooley cold pad , which with physio / strengthening exercises has dramatically improved my ability to do day to day activities… Read more “allowed me sleep pain free”


The cooling effect was effective without doubt

Approximately 10 days ago I had my right knee replaced, this was due excessive deterioration due to arthritis. As you can imagine, I was in extreme pain and eventually I had no choice other than to have a replacement knee operation. Prior to the operation I was approached by a friend and asked if I would like to test a Cold Pad and strap, that was being developed. Due to the delay in my operation, I spent a week at home and was able to try out the Cold Pad prior to the operation. The cooling effect was effective without doubt, and it allowed me to mow the grass while suppressing the usual painful swelling. After the operation in Spire in Wirral, I was encouraged to use their water-cooling wrap around. It was heavy to use due to the water tank that needed to accompany it. And due to that fact, I was resistant in using it. Plus, I… Read more “The cooling effect was effective without doubt”


Relief was instant!

I recently underwent knee replacement surgery after having a serious accident at work. After the operation I was in a lot of pain and unable to get comfortable or sleep, I was on strong pain killers which I knew would have to be gradually reduced over the coming days ahead; which was a great worry as really painful physio exercises were crucial for my operation to be a success. I was given advice from the hospital in relation to managing pain and duly tried everything from frozen peas in a pillow case to an elaborate pumped ice water system. Everything I tried was troublesome to use; far from ideal and had minimal effect. Luckily I was given the opportunity to volunteer for a research trial of a device which was being developed to aide recovery after similar surgery to mine; the Kooley Cold Pad. I was skeptical at first but in so much pain I was… Read more “Relief was instant!”


Amazed and Delighted

I have used so many different cool packs that I had all but given up until I found these cool pads from Kooley. Choosing two different sizes I gave them a try. I was amazed and delighted. The large kooley pad was perfect for my back pain, covering a large area of my back and the smaller pad was perfect for neck and head pain. The pads didn’t get stiff or too hard, instead remaining flexible and bendable. I noticed that they stayed cold for longer and the most amazing thing of all they didn’t make my clothes or skin damp. Other packs I used would melt and clothing would become soaked, if wasn’t nice! But with kooley pads I didn’t have that problem at all. Safe to use directly on my skin, I got the full effects of the cold pad, reducing my back pain to zero, Allowing me a Comfortable nights sleep, pain… Read more “Amazed and Delighted”

Leah Emma

Great cooling pad for where you need it

I recieved one of the Kooley cooling pads and was pleasantly surprised at just how versatile it was. It’s a great lightweight pad that can easily bend and flex in order to nicely wrap around my neck or along my back depending on where I’m feeling some aches. Also, because it doesn’t freeze solid like a previous cool pad I’d tried, it was great to be able to apply it directly to myself without needing to wrap it up first. I was also really impressed that it doesn’t seem to build condensation like my other cold freezing pack when I take it out of the freezer, so I dont need to worry about it getting damp as I’m using it.


Knee operation

I have had a recent knee replacement and found the Kooley pads extremely useful. The inserts are easy to shape round the body and held securely in place with the velcro fasteners. They can be rapidly chilled down again, making them quickly reusable. They have certainly contributed to my good progress after surgery. Bev Eastham Retired health professional


Cold Pad

Having tried a number of ice or cold packs in the past, I found the Kooley Cold Pad really effective. It’s much bigger than others I’ve used in the past and stays cold for far longer. Other packs I’ve used are often wet with condensation, and I found this one pleasantly dry. I’d certainly recommend this product to others.


Kooley Cold Wraps come in different shapes and sizes

Take a look at our full range in our shop. If you want a specific size then please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities of creating a custom product for you.

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