The New Revolution in Cooling Pads

This is a new revolution in cooling therapy designed for a busy modern life. UK designed and made. Cooling therapy to include medical trauma, sports injuries, migraines – relief when you need it most.

Knee Pain Management

Currently under developemnt. Ideal aid in treatment for trauma to knee, general knee injury, pre and post knee surgery.

Cold Compression Pad with Headband

Brilliantly designed to cool the forhead to offer relief from Migraines, Headaches, Fever and an aid in reducing puffy eyes. Great for general Cooling Therapy too.

New approach to cooling therapy - Kooley Cold Pad


The Kooley Cold Pad, the new approach to cooling therapy. A cold pad that is more efficient and importantly more comfortable to use. 

The Kooley Cold Pad is NOT an ice pack or a gel pad. We are the first UK made truly cushioned, flexible cooling pad reaching -15°C and still skin friendly. Used from the freezer or fridge and available in many shapes and sizes. Relief when you need it most. From medical trauma, sports injuries to migraine or when you just need a little cooling down  we have a cold pad for everyone.



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Amazed and Delighted

I have used so many different cool packs that I had all but given up until I found these cool pads from Kooley.
Choosing two different sizes I gave them a try. I was amazed and delighted. The large kooley pad was perfect for my back pain, covering a large area of my back and the smaller pad was perfect for neck and head pain. The pads didn’t get stiff or too hard, instead remaining flexible and bendable. I noticed that they stayed cold for longer and the most amazing thing of all they didn’t make my clothes or skin damp. Other packs I used would melt and clothing would become soaked, if wasn’t nice! But with kooley pads I didn’t have that problem at all. Safe to use directly on my skin, I got the full effects of the cold pad, reducing my back pain to zero, Allowing me a Comfortable nights sleep, pain free at long last. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has had problems in the past with the same issues I have had, kooley by far is the best pad I have tried and has truly set the bar high.
Amazing services, Amazing products and Amazing qualify. Thank you.

Leah Emma Russell

Great cooling pad for where you need it

I recieved one of the Kooley cooling pads and was pleasantly surprised at just how versatile it was. It’s a great lightweight pad that can easily bend and flex in order to nicely wrap around my neck or along my back depending on where I’m feeling some aches. Also, because it doesn’t freeze solid like a previous cool pad I’d tried, it was great to be able to apply it directly to myself without needing to wrap it up first. I was also really impressed that it doesn’t seem to build condensation like my other cold freezing pack when I take it out of the freezer, so I dont need to worry about it getting damp as I’m using it.

Dan Tydeman

Knee operation

I have had a recent knee replacement and found the Kooley pads extremely useful. The inserts are easy to shape round the body and held securely in place with the velcro fasteners. They can be rapidly chilled down again, making them quickly reusable. They have certainly contributed to my good progress after surgery.

Retired health professional

Bev Drummond

Kooley Cold Pads come in different shapes and sizes

Take a look at our full range in our shop. If you want a specific size then please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities of creating a custom product for you.

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